Sunday, August 25, 2013

And so it begins....

Tomorrow is the first day of school, my 18th year at my high school and my 27th year as an educator.   And I can say with all honesty, the butterflies in the stomach the day before school starts never go away! You would think by now, I would be used to it, but there is always an air of excitement, anxiety, and a bit of the fear of the unknown. Best advice? Love your kids, love your subject, and the rest is easy!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Now the blog changes.....

After two years, it is time to switch gears on the LadyMills blog. As a high school librarian, I spend a lot of time reading YA literature. I have read some wonderful books and ebooks this summer and will share my thoughts on the blog. Stay tuned!!! The good stuff is on the way!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thing #23

The End....

I can't believe I have actually made it through all 23 things...I have learned so much!! This is probably the most worthwhile training I have ever practical for what I try to do as a librarian every day.

In summary, some of my favorite discoveries had to do with using mashups (very fun and creative) and setting up the Library Thing account. I also enjoyed re-visiting embedding Youtube videos into Photostory...what seemed so hard a year ago was actually relatively easy. I have confidence that I can teach this process to teachers!

Something interesting that has happened to contribute to a lifetime of learning is just realizing what is out there----how incredible! I never knew the extent of blogs, podcasts, videos, etc. that are available for FREE to help us in a professional and personal lives. I have read more interesting blogs lately...I am also preparing for a workshop coming up soon and I found a variety of videos on Youtube that I want to much is out there!

I set up an account on Ta-dalist ( )that allows you to create "to do's". I am currently making a list of the ideas I have encountered in the 23 Things that I would like to share this coming year with students and teachers. Delicious and Rollyo will certainly be on that list as well as using Google docs and other share programs that I have been exploring.

No improvement necessary and I would certainly participate in another program that allowed me to stretch and enhance my knowledge of technology and tech applications as they relate to the library and classroom.

In one sentence, I would describe my learning experience with the 23 Things as gaining the ability to recognize what wonderful tools are available in 2.0 land and applying them to my professioanl and personal life as a librarian and life-long educator.

I am soooo glad I chose to attend your session at TLA...I know that this course will allow me to be a better teacher/librarian.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thing #22


I found the article on Nings interesting-they said how students can feel awkward when the "adults" are joining in to create a social network with them through Myspace and Facebook. Using a ning eliminates that encroachment. I think it would be something that we would like to use in our district as a communication tool amongst the library staffs. We have very little time to meet or get together so an electronic format would be ideal.

I enjoyed the Teacher/Librarian ning by Joyce Valenza. I had the pleasure of hearing her speak at TLA a couple of years ago and I am very impressed by all she does. I plan to join her ning ASAP.

Thing #21

Podacsting and Videocasting

Photostory is actually a program that I have had some training in through a couple of workshops. The more I use it, the better at it I am getting. I like that it offers a more exciting product that Power Point. I would like to use Photostory in creating my own digital booktalks or as an introduction to research projects that may be coming up. I would also like to familiarize the students with it as they branch out beyond the same old Power Point and Word documents.

I also have an interest in incorporating Podcasting into my library world...maybe by making important announcements about upcoming library events or important things going on at school? Hmmm, I'll keep working on that!!

We have a teacher at our high school that has really embraced the use of technology, especially Photostory. I plan to encourage others to take that leap!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thing # 20

YouTube, TeacherTube and Zamzar

I am a huge fan of YouTube and have spent a lot of time looking at a variety of videos...and my own personal kids are total YouTube junkies. I have always had great frustration in a school setting trying to use YouTube and embedding into PowerPoint presentations. It is blocked for our students but I could log in and then save the video and help them embed..quite a lengthy process. I loved Zamzar-it literally took 1 minute to convert the video into a format I could put into this blog-wonderful!! I will certainly be using this in the upcoming school year.

I know that there is always controversy surrounding allowing YouTube to be available in schools-we begged and begged and were finally given teacher access last year. There are some wonderful short clips that really can enhance a lesson. We were able to bring up a short video on lightening and sports for our Sports Medicine class. It was very valuable information for our students who are most certainly visual learners.

Enjoy the video from PBS on the Jane Austen series that aired a couple of years ago. I'm a huge fan!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thing # 19

Web 2.0 Awards List

I like the organization of this list...I will certainly bookmark it so that I can go back to it for future reference.

I looked at a couple of the award-winning web sites. Of course, veing summer and all, I could not resist under the Fun Stuff tab the site called "cocktail builder"!! It has tons of easy drink recipes and even a place that you can add your own personal favorite drinks...a bit off topic...sorry!!

The next site I looked at was .docstoc. On this site, you are able to pull up a variety of posted documents. I found blank worksheets for elementary math, examples of various legal forms that can be printed out, a section on wills (they even had Michael Jackson's will scanned in for your own personal reading..). It was an interesting site. I'm not sure how much it would be used in a school setting. I did check out the education tab and found character lists and summaries of a Charles Dickens novel. There are also scinece manuals that had been scanned in and were available for download.

There is a lot going on on this site! It is worth taking a look at and introducing to your teachers.